Monday, 5 June 2017


So after a fairly busy month with work and a marketing course and a few other exciting happenings, I have thrown together a small selection of my favourite ways to wind-down. You'll see that I clearly make the most out of my own company, it's something I cherish as I feel I need my own time to be able to function.

Going on a hike with my iPod in tow

I love walking and I love music, especially as loud as my ears can handle through headphones. I have a fell very close to my house which is the perfect location to listen to my iPod and to imagine myself as Maria Von Trapp belting out across the hills in a melodramatic fashion. Of course my hill walking adventures don't really pan out this way but while I'm trudging along it's nice to feel a bit disconnected from the world for a while, whilst getting my 10,000 steps a day in (or attempting!). 

Waking up before the world

Making use of the undisturbed silence in the early hours of the morning is incredibly relaxing I find, as it's just you and your own rules. Even if it means sacrificing a lie-in, I'm game. Back when I was slightly fitter I used to get up at 5:30am to go on a bike ride and I loved it, because there were no cars or people in sight and even though it felt like riding through a ghost town, I felt unstoppable and free. Note to self, start cycling again...

Blogger/vlogger love

I probably watch YouTube on a near daily basis, and when I do it's likely to be a vlog - I like main channel videos too but vlogs are where it's at for me. I'm also big on blogs, I love to write so I'm really interested in seeing how other bloggers do it and to see what they're writing style is, as well as reading the content of course. My favourite bloggers/YouTubers are The Anna Edit, Lily Pebbles, Estee Lalonde, Emma Hill, SprinkleofGlitter (Louise Pentland)Lucy Williams, and far too many others. I see YouTube as a bit of a comfort as I know it's something that will really relax me if I'm having a rubbish day.

A very simple pamper session

I'm talking face mask (my fave is Origins Active Charcoal Mask), sorting out my likely-chipped nails, doing my usual skin care routine with a few extras and having a longer than life shower or bath. Hardly a pamper session as I cleanse my skin twice daily anyway and of course shower but the little extras make me feel significantly more put together and ready to take on the rest of my day. 

What are you favourite ways to wind down?




  1. I love all of this. Lighting a candle and journaling is my favorite way to calm down.


    1. Thank you! That sounds incredibly relaxing indeed, I need to get myself some candles! X


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